For the traveler heading to Japan

This website is written by a Japanese backpack traveler “AJ(nobu)”.

For the traveler heading to Japan

Call me “nobu”.

I already have my own website. However, the website is for my japanese friends ,and most of article written in japanese.

So I decided to create a new English website.

To get started, I’ll start this website as a “Learning Japanese Website” .

Sadly, I’m stucking in Jordan over 3months because of Corona, so I decided to become an online Japanese teacher. First of all, I will make this website a useful site for teaching Japanese online.

My another website is”To introduce world for Japanese”.
So, this website will be “To introduce Japan for  peple living around the world”

よろしく(YO RO SHI KU )!
※When you declare something to start, someone who hears it has to help, a magical word that Japanese people often use

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New articles by category

Oh, can you read this word “日本”?

This is one of the most Important word if you want to learn Japanese.

日本(nihon, nippon) means Japan.

huh? Why are there two ways to read?

Don’t think about such details. You can read it as you like.

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My twitter is posted in japanese. But,tweet is a short sentence. it’s good for daily task for your learning japanese.

My another WebSite

Do you know “2ch” in japan? The biggest online bulletin board.

This is my website too, named”旅人速報”.

Mean as “Breaking news for traveler”.

This is a website that summary of the bulletin board posts.

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