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〜What is “tabino-oboegaki”?〜

First, let me explain from the title of this blog.
The title of this web page is Feal Real Japan.
I named it because I want you to feel real Japan and Japanese, not to study.

However, the URL of this site is a little longer.

As I said, this site is a second website for me , and my main website called

The meaning of that title is “Memorandum of Travel”.
“旅” means “Journey” in japanese, and”おぼえがき” means “Memorandum”.

The subtitle “Traveloglog” is my coined word about it.

Well, the name of this site is “Feel Real Japan”, so don’t care about it.

〜The two purposes of this blog〜

There are two purposes. 

One is to show my travel aroud japan to people living all over the world.

As you know , I am traveling around the world now. 
During traveling the world, I find that I do not know about my country at all.
So I alredy decide that after finishing travel around the world, I will travel around Japan.

At that moment.
I will post my recommendations at here ,for the people who plan to travel japan.

So I founded this website.
But that’s a little further. Because I will travel the world for a while longer.

Another purpose is to help my online Japanese lesson.

For various reasons, I became an online teacher of Japanese. Well, the main reason is travel financing.

I will write an article so that my ideas can be understood easily.
I think my teaching style will be different from that of ordinary Japanese teachers. I would like to teach true Japanese with many teen slang.

These are purposes of my blog.


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