Inrtoduce My favorite japanese musician”中島みゆき”


In this article, I will introduce my favorite Japanese musicians again.

This time, I will introduce “中島みゆき”(nakajima miyuki).

she is one of amost falous singer in japan, almost legend.

Then please listen to it immediately!

She has produced blockbuster songs for all decade.

70’s,80’s,90’s,00’s and 10’s.

This is why she is a kind of legendaly singer in Japan


Listen 糸(i to)mean thread

The song I introduced first, named ”i to”, is especially famous.
So many singers have released covers.

The beginning of the song is the phrase

”なぜ 巡(めぐ)り合(あ)うのか を 私達(わたしたち)は 何(なに)も 知(し)らない”

naze meguriaunoka wo watashitachi ha nanimo shiranai

mean as “We don’t know anything about why we meet”.

Let’s take a closer look at this phrase.

“なぜ(naze)” is a importanat word , it mean “why”.

“巡り合う(meguriau)”is a little bit poetic word which means “meet”.

and を(wo) is a mark of find “object”.

“のか(noka)”is also mark of find “object”, especialy used in a “5w1h”phrase.

so, なぜ めぐりあう is a object in this sentence.


わたしたち(watashi tachi) means “we”.

If you put “たち”after the words that describe people, the word become plural.

You know わたし means “I”, so わたしたち means We.

なにも means nothing.

なに is also important word mean as “what”.

In this case , it’s conected も,mark of add meaning “also”,and became mean as “nothing or anything”

しらない is a negative ver of しる

知る(shi ru) means “know”.

And Verb become “negative” ,if you put “(-a) na i” after verb.

(-a) means, transform last vowel to ”a”.

Like しる(shi ru)⇨しら(shi ra)

so, しらない means don’t know.


Now finaly,You can understand mean of

なぜ めぐりあうのか を わたしたち は なにも しらない


This sentence contained various elements.

See you next article !!

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