Inrtoduce My favorite japanese musician”WANIMA”


In this article, I will introduce my favorite Japanese musicians again.

This time, I will introduce “WANIMA”.

There were a lot of old artists in this category.

If I leave it as it is, I’ll be considered an old man, so let me introduce you to My favorite new young artists.
Then please listen to it immediately!


It’s a very young rock star. It’s perfect for the summer season.

They are singing “ありがとうarigatou” in the middle of the song, do you notice?

It’s very fast Japanese and it’s rock, so it might be a little difficult to listen.

“ありがとうarigatou(thanks)” and “さよならsayonara(bye)” appear first in this song.

Let’s check the phrase

ありがとう を 込(こ)めて 歌(うた)った

arigato wo komete utatta


を / The symbol that comes after the object

こめて / include

うたった / sang(うたう utau・・・sing &ったtta・・・Past tense )

I sang with a gratude

さよなら が 教(おし)えてくれた

The ending that adds nuances to the sentence

さよなら / goodbye

が / Symbol that conveys the theme(subject) of the sentence

おしえて / teach

くれた / くれるkureru ・・・The ending that adds nuances of gratude to the sentence& たta・・・Past tense 

(thanksfully)Goodbye taught me

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