For the time being, it will be the main content of this website.

I decided to start an online Japanese teacher in earnest. So I wanted to have content that would help me in that case.

I’m going to make you understand Japanese in a different way from the troublesome “study”.

Actually, I had studied Japanese grammar at university.
Although not known, there are various ways of thinking about Japanese grammar. My curriculum is built on one of them.

I will also explain a lot of slang and youth words.
For myself, during traveling the world , it was more fun to learn and use those words than the correct ones.


Learn “sa,si,su,se,so” with slang

さ sounds “sa” ; sa-sen さーせん(sa- se n) Broeken word coming from"すいません suimasen" means "I'm sorry" or "excuse me " Lik...

Learn “ka,ki,ku,ke,ko” with slang

か sounds “ka” ; kakke~ かっけー(kakke~) かっけぇ(same sound same meaning, nothing different) mesans"cool!" The correct way ...

Are you still using “watashi”

Do you know that there are many personal pronouns in Japanese?In particular, there are many words that describe "I" and...

Learn “a,i,u,e,o” with slang

Anyway, if you are just learning Japanese, you have to learn the letters.There are three types of Japanese characters. ...

There is no grammer in Japanese

This is my first article. You might be surprised to see the title at once.But this is half true. MI can say ore than ha...
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