Inrtoduce My favorite japanese musician”鬼束ちひろ”


In this article, I will introduce my favorite Japanese musicians again.

This time, I will introduce “鬼束ちひろ onitsuka chihiro”.
Then please listen to it immediately!

鬼束ちひろ onitsuka chihiro

”ちひろChihiro” is a relatively common name for girls

It’s a big hit artist in 2000, so people like me who still like her may be a minority in Japan.
This is the hit song at that time.  月光(げっこう  gekkou)

Some parts are singing in English.

The title of the song means “moonlight”. Both 月(moon) and 光(light) are beginners for studying kanji.

She’s not a rock singer . A singer who sings beautifully.

I like her lyric, but it’s a bit too poetic to understand.

This is also my favorite and famous song.

The title of the song is 眩暈(めまい memai)means “dizzy”.

At the end of the first part, she sings “分(わ)かるから wakarukara”.

“わかる wakaru” means “I understand.”.

“から kara” means”because”, “so” .

In Japanese, the last letter often determines the important meaning of a sentence.

Question sentences, affirmative sentences, negative sentences, are also determined by the endings of the words.

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