How many prefecture in 日本


47prefectures and 8 regions

There are 47 prefectures in Japan.
To be honest, it’s quite difficult to go to all of them.
Even Japanese people, it is rare that whohave been to all prefectures.

make it easier.
There are “eight areas” in a larger division than prefectures. You might be able to achieve it with about eigjt.

Of course, I plan to reach 47 prefectures when I return to Japan. I’ll be posting it on this website from time to time, so stay tuned.

This time, first of all, I would like to convey the characteristics of the 8 regions to everyone overseas in an amusing manner.

How many prefecture in 日本

Hokkaido area

How many prefecture in 日本

It is the prefecture located in the northernmost part of Japan. One prefecture is one area.
Well, um, potatoes, dairy cows and wheat.
In short, the countryside.
There is an Ainu minority. Recently, it is a popular tourist destination in Japan. Why is that? The reason is that comics dealing with Hokkaido became popular.

Tohoku area

How many prefecture in 日本

It’s the northern part of Honshu(Main Islad).

Well, it’s a countryside in a sense different from Hokkaido. Hokkaido is an image of vast fields and farms. This is like a mountain or a forest.

People in the Tohoku region are often ridiculed for being rural people.
There is a mountain range in the middle of Honshu, so the culture is different in the east and west.

It is an area where many quiet people ,people like japanese, live.

Kanto area

How many prefecture in 日本

It is an area with Tokyo.
Probably the area you will definitely visit if you travel to Japan. However, there may be few people going to Kanto without Tokyo.

To be honest, the reality is that few prefectures focus on tourism. I told you that there are 47 prefectures in Japan.
There is a prefecture ranking of attractiveness in Japan. Surprisingly, four prefectures from Kanto are ranked in the worst 7. My hometown is also here.

Chubu area

How many prefecture in 日本

It’s between toukyo and kyoto. For that reason, I think it is an area that many people skip.
Actually, there are some of the most important shrines in Japan and there are many things to see.

There is the third largest city in Japan called Nagoya, but people from Tokyo and Osaka often make fun of them. There are many strong-tasting foods. That is also one factor that makes fun of them.

Kansai area

How many prefecture in 日本

There are Kyoto and Osaka. That alone is a good reason to visit.
People in the Kansai region always have a rivalry in Tokyo. Especially in Osaka. They are much noisier than the average Japanese. Be careful for people in Kyoto. They still believe that Kyoto is the capital of Japan.

Chugoku area

How many prefecture in 日本

In Japanese, the sound and letters are exactly the same as China. I get confused sometimes.
There is Hiroshima. Therefore, many people may go on a trip.

The southern part is famous for its mild climate.

Well, unfortunately, it’s a region with weak impression.

Shikoku area

How many prefecture in 日本

You have to cross the sea, but rest assured. There is a bridge.
It is divided into 4 prefectures, each with its own specialty.
Mandarin orange, udon, bonito…
I’m sorry, the other one doesn’t come to mind.
Somehow, there is a fashionable image here.

Kyushu area

How many prefecture in 日本

The southern area of ​​Japan.

The climate is quite different compared to Kanto. It is said that people in this area drink a lot of alcohol. If you go further south, you will also find Okinawa Island.

The fruits are delicious and it is also a famous ramen spot.
In recent years, it has often been damaged by earthquakes and heavy rain.

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