There is no grammer in Japanese


This is my first article. You might be surprised to see the title at once.
But this is half true. MI can say ore than half.

Let’s talk step by step.

Of course, there are rules in Japanese as well. But the rules are so fuzzy compared to other languages.

Mikami style Japanese grammar

I think that many Japanese learners are learning without touching this idea.

What I would like to convey to everyone is the idea that “Japanese has no subject” advocated by Dr. Akira Mikami. Let’s look at an example.







おなか すいてない?


めし でも 行(い)くか



Directory ranslate

AJ(nobu) :He~y
Yaki-onigiri :What’s?
AJ(nobu) : hungry?
Yaki-onigiri : go to eat
AJ(nobu) : wanna eat sushi

Did you find “Watashi” and “Anata” in this sentence?


To tell the trueth, we don’t use ”わたし ( I ) ” and “あなた(you)”, oftenly.

Japanese language doesn’t requite the subject in a sentence.

Next example

ぞう は、はな が ながい

If I translate this to English.

Elephant has a long nose.

Like that.

So,you think “Elephat” is a subject.
You probably aliredy learned  “は、”  is a symbol to find subject.

It’s correct.

But, I want to say , ”は、” is a symbol to show the theme of the sentence.
and there is no subject in a sentece. (And the sentence is still valid)

Stop think about SV, SOV, SCV, some kind of diificult things.

Stop use “Watashi ha~~” always.

Then, You will be better speaker like native.

For those who plan to take the qualification test

Unfortunately, his theory is not mainstream in Japanese pedagogy. Therefore, it may be a noise for those who are going to take the Japanese language qualification test.

But if you want to feel the real Japanese, it’s important to mention his theory.

Keep enjoy my website.

There is no grammer in Japanese

Yaki-onigiri : Rice balls baked with soy sauce. The fragrant scent is appetizing. It has the advantage that it is in better condition than ordinary onigiri and lasts longer. It is also easy to eat without seaweed. Miso version is also popular, not soy sauce. In Japan, there is often controversy over whether grilled rice balls should be made with miso or soy sauce.

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